Erakın Law and Mediation Office provides mediation services as per the Law on Mediation in Civil Law Disputes, in disputes convenient for mediation to solve the conflicts between parties.

By the way of mediation, the parties resolve their conflicts with their own solutions without applying to the court. By this way, the parties save time and money and also they find the most appropriate solution to their dispute with respect to their benefits and needs. The Mediator manages the process and ensures the parties to listen and understand each other to produce their solutions.

It is recommended to apply to mediation in disputes in fields where there are long-term relations such as commercial law, labour law, consumers’ law, lease relations, condominium, and construction.

The agreement obtained at the end of the mediation process, shall be directly enforceable if the parties and their lawyers sign it at the same time. In other cases, an annotation on the enforceability of the agreement can be requested from the court.